Recorders and Electronics


Reni Weichselbaum - Recorders

Bernhard Loibner - Electronics

This instrumental duo is dedicated to conversations between instrumental and electronic sound waves. It is a meeting of two musicians developing an improvised dialogue which melts sonic textures and musical gestures into manifestations of movement and stillness. Their aim is to lead the audience towards a practice of active listening within various figurations between silence and noise. The sublime timbres of the Paetzold-Recorder and other reed instruments meet pulsating oscillators, abstract sound layers and noise elements from analog and digital electronic instruments. This results in expressive to meditative acoustic formations with vigorous effect on the recipient.

The two members work together since 2016. They have performed a number of concerts and continue to develop their common musical use of forms. The duo has released an album on Smallforms in March 2020, a new vinyl release is in preparation.

Reni Weichselbaum
Bernhard Loibner

Knurrhahn Music

Online release on Smallforms (03/2020)

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Kunstradio - Art's Birthday
Live Radio Broadcast
Austrian Public Radio OE1

Der Blöde Dritte Mittwoch
Steinergasse 8, 1160 Wien
16.6.2021, 20h
(Audience welcome!)

Der Blöde Dritte Mittwoch #102
Live Streaming at Echoräume
Premiere of two audio-visual pieces: Ne10 & Cyaena
20.11.2020, 19h

Soundscapes in the Wilderness
Blindsee, Biberwier, Austria
17.8.2020, 4pm

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